Holdex Applications

Holdex ATB
Holdex Wallet

Holdex Staking

Scalability of DeFi

Decentralized Platform
No one owns Holdex Finance. It is the property of the community.
Wisdom of the Crowd
The process of considering Holdex Groups’ collective opinion.
Decentralized Pools
The system automatically pays a bonus for holding your tokens.

Holdex Finance DeFi Tools

Holdex Auto Trading Bot

Removes the need for you to perform any research or analysis yourself

Holdex APY Scanner (Coming Soon)

A data screening platform for DeFi investors. Track your liquidity pool earnings and losses to determine when to enter and quit liquidity pools or yield farms to maximize your results. Discover the most profitable opportunities before others

Holdex IDO Launchpad

This app will list and present to you new crypto projects which are secure and have the potential to grow.

Holdex Web Wallet

Secure, convenient, and reliable platform for sending, receiving, and storing cryptocurrency assets

Holdex Marketplace

Holdex Marketplace is where you can find many products, such as GameFi and Metaverse Assets, Digital Artifacts, Special Collections, and Music.

NFT Creation

NFT Listing

ERC-721&ERC-1155 Protocol Support

Smart Search

Holdex NFT Marketplace has a faster and more user-friendly infrastructure with its server-based
custom javascript rendering feature.

Why our Systems Are Safe

All Systems Functions Baseds on The Blockchain

Decentralized Sytems
Safety Bridge
End to End
Audit Reports

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